Mini rant/paste session…

The surroundings of 1000£ Bend with Urban Cake Lady (a huge inspiration to me) and Will Coles.

Yesterday evening was quite pleasant. I went to photography exhibition at 1000£  Bend (Oliver Forbes) with a few close friends and enjoyed being single amongst the busy crowd. Squeezing through, being a nobody when everyone else was busy trying to be a somebody. I was quiet mouthed but loud headed. It got me thinking about how much I actually know myself now compared to a few years back. I don’t pay attention to those that are craving it and demanding it through their fashion, use of a complicated vocabulary  or being known by association. Save the bullshit and cut to the chase.



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2 responses to “Mini rant/paste session…

  1. Well said. I like people who cut to the chase. Though I think this may be due mostly to my own impatience.

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